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Lucy Burke - Please Stay
Lucy Burke - Please Stay

Lucy Burke – Please Stay | Acoustica

As someone who enjoys acoustic pieces, Lucy Burke is an artist who manages to capture the beauty of acoustic music. The Australian musician, accompanied and supported by her band, has made a name for herself in her local music scene in Sydney. Now she looks to break out of the local scene and move towards a more global audience. With a brilliant understanding of atmospheres and emotions, Lucy Burke is able to toy with your emotions in the same way Adele, Eva Cassidy and Sara Bareilles can. Her subtle harmonies draw you in, making you feel like you’re the focus of her attention. Listening to Please Stay gives me the warm, fuzzy feeling of sitting in a library, sipping on a warm drink with headphones on. With themes of love, heartbreak, and longing, Lucy Burke and her band make you want to cuddle with your loved one. After all, all we ever wanted /was just to be beside them. As simple as acoustic tracks are, Lucy Burke, captures your emotions and makes them, as complex as they are, feel simple. Please Stay almost brought me to tears. A song that is more complex than it sounds and definitely needs more recognition.

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