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Will Wood – Tomcat Disposables | Ballad

American singer-songwriter Will Wood recently released a track called “Tomcat Disposables” – a single from his upcoming album, In Case I Make It. Known best for his tracks “I / Me / Myself” and “2econd 2ight 2teer (that was fun, goodbye)”, Wood explores multiple genres through an acoustic guitar-driven discography that reflect his life experiences. His latest release describes the journey of a mouse trying to survive in someone else’s house; an interesting concept that gives the track its own unique personality.

I have mapped the cupboards and drawers / Tracked the least walked spots on the floor / Happy to be home safe and warm”.

The six-minute-long track beings with the story of the mouse as Wood sings soothing melodies in his theatre-ready vocal tone. Right from the start, the song has a ballad feel to it and the showtune-like cadences do justice to the song’s lyrics – almost as if Wood “feels” what the mouse does.

Mike Bottliglieri does a fantastic job on the guitars on this one, and is well-supported by drummer Mario Conte. Wood went one step further with this track by taking care of the music, lyrics, production and some of the live instrumentation as well, fusing acoustic folk, pop, jazz and Latin music in his own way.

“Tomcat Disposables” showcases Wood’s talent excellently. With another intricately composed and performed track added to his ever-growing discography, it’s only a matter of time before his new album his streaming platforms worldwide!

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