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"Say The Word" FROM INSIDE
"Say The Word" FROM INSIDE
"Say The Word" FROM INSIDE

“Say The Word” Alt Rock Pop Fire By FROM INSIDE

Blending alternative pop and modern rock UK band FROM INSIDE sweeps you away with their latest single Say The Word. Hailing from Liverpool, home of The Beatles (the band members also went to the same high school!), the act definitely takes inspiration from the city’s rich musical history and added their own modern twist.

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As the chords sweep in, I can hear electronic synths blending like waves into the distorted guitar parts. Perfect! Zaid Elgahmi’s vocals are the perfect fit for the song, blending elements of Pop and R&B with a touch of a rock edge. While the vocals are definitely a highlight, the song wouldn’t work without the energy given by the stunning drums, the rhythmic foundation of the basslines, and the edginess of the wave of synth-friendly guitar fuzz. The track ends on an amazing note with harmonies, the full force of the wall of sound eliciting energy and emotions. The song has everything with groove, catchy, and amazing harmonies by FROM INSIDE.

This is an electrifying blend of pulsating-driven rock and anthemic pop synth that’s sure to get you moving. From the very first notes of the song, you can feel the energy building creating a sound that’s both modern and timeless. It reminds me of modern post-hardcore-rooted indie pop-metal bands like Sleeping With Sirens and Seraphim.

For fans of good honest rock music with a fresh feel, “Say The Word” by FROM INSIDE is sure to be a new favorite. With its infectious groove, catchy hooks, and amazing harmonies, this is a song that’s impossible to resist. Thoroughly enjoyed this song and I’m sure you will too!

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