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9 o'clock Nasty-Culture War 23
9 o'clock Nasty-Culture War 23
9 o'clock Nasty-Culture War 23

9 o’clock Nasty bring their rock to new ranges with their sweeping album, “Culture War 23”

Only some bands have the privilege of being 9 o’clock Nasty. They hold a default top spot in all indie reviewers lists, for good reason. When you’re feeling dull and in a daze, who is there to get you out of that funk? This band and hopefully your therapist. Their third album is here, it is called Culture War 23. You newbies might think this is their second, but superfans like me remember Catch Nasty. Let’s see how far around the Möbius strip we have come, 3 years later. 

Though I have heard 80% of this album as singles, it’s just exciting to hear it all together. You know when SNL guys make movies from their skits? Something like that, but definitely not even close. Think of it as a movie, and the title sequence is Too Cool. One of my favourite riffs for a song in a few years is what is the sticky toffee. You feel like chewing it, and hope it turns into a malleable gobstopper. You have to view 9 o’clock Nasty like a shuffled deck of cards-but the decks belonging to Uno, poker, Monopoly and maybe 9 other games. This is a band that doesn’t like to be boxed in, or they go 12 Monkeys. 

Rock of all colours

There are singles like Make Your Ghost that are first time listens for all of us. What develops is a REO Speedwagon kind of song, refreshing and entertaining. Whenever I think, well, I’m not going to use that kind of reference with 9 o’clock, I always stand corrected. The ludicrous lyrics of Low Fat Jesus are something that you should pay close attention to, get your notebook if you have to. The prog-rock styled The Gastronaut comes after Make Your Ghost.

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Within the bands in the spectrum that continually shock me, 9 o’clock take the cake. These licorice pliers connected to a battery pack made of lyrical and melodic BeanBoozles jellybean packs. Another surprise is Idiot Skin, bringing that MI kind of mystique within the track. Basslines will continue to dip you in octopus ink, followed by snowflakes and pigeon feathers. This is a long way to say that I heart 9 o’clock Nasty, and I will continue to heart them for a long, long time. 

Songs like Savage Mechanic create a sense of nostalgia. It is one of the first few singles that came out after By All Means Necessary. They have also collaborated with I Am The Unicorn Head thrice after that, and are jamming out to all the music they love. The unique tributaries they take in vocal lines are funnels into a hemisphere of another world. People usually wonder, where can a band go, after getting cornered into what might be their M.O. Why don’t you pop that skirting tile in the corner? A 100 other corners open up, with 9 o’clock commandeering that mini spacecraft. 

Where can they go from here?

I’d want to do a podcast with them just to do with the interesting artwork they have made. While this one is Frida Kahlo wearing Guevera’s hat in front of a logo of The Ramones (what?), there are more that are pure entertainment. Entertainment on a channel only 9 o’clock can control.

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Their joyous sense of humour, unique rabbit hole inspiring lyrics-treating the genres like a manic palette-this is what will always get 9 o’clock more fans. I am a little biased when I write this love letter for them, but who can’t be? An indie band going all out for all of their songs, while having the time of their life? Sign me up to be one of their Nasties for life. Read me walk away from this article while Bird of Happiness plays in the background:

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