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Mixing & Mastering

Get your songs mixed and mastered!

If your songs or albums require professional mixing and mastering to take it to the next level, you’re in the right place!


Take your musical career to the next level with Sinusoidal Music and our professional-grade mixing and mastering services, all brought to you by experienced engineers among the best in India! We take your tracks and make it release ready!


Original Tetris

Original Sample

Contest Lead Mix/Master

Mix Engineer

Mohit Bagur
Mohit Bagur

Mohit Bagur is a sound engineer with an appreciation for warm-glowing tubes, vintage gear and pristine sound. Forever in the quest for the perfect mix, he translates his Electronics Engineering skills to building custom rigs to suit his style. An avid audiophile, Mohit appreciates music of every genre, period and style, and his avant-garde, self-taught approach to the console lends his work a sonic signature he calls an artistic motif and can liven up any recording.

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