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Clifford – Can We Do This | Full Of Life

Clifford’s music is truly unique, blending the intricacies of four different languages. He is an American and British citizen who resides in the US, but his music frequently combines the best of all four cultures. He speaks English, French, Arabic, and Maryland dialects with equal fluency, and his music is often referred to as “genre-defying.” Each piece of music he creates, performs, and produces is aimed at promoting development, transformation, equity, inclusivity, and diversity. His music speaks to the human condition and is a vehicle for social change. Clifford is a true musical pioneer and his work is sure to inspire and entertain audiences for years to come!

Clifford has released a new single ‘Can We Dance To This.’ Now the song’s theme is really interesting. Are you open to love? The thrill of meeting someone new can be exciting, and this song is all about that feeling. The song “Can We Dance To This” starts with upbeat music that has a vintage vibe. The musical arrangement has been perfectly placed, with the piano and drums and guitar riffs that are just out of this world. ‘Can We Dance To This’ takes listeners back to the 70s. You’ll undoubtedly start nodding your head to the song ending and maybe even start dancing. ‘Can We Dance To This is a feel-good track that’s perfect for a summer day or make you feel great when you are having a dull moment. Whether you’re driving in the car, at the beach, or just hanging out with friends, the song is sure to put a smile on your face. As is his specialty, the song incorporates hints of several other musical genres, including jazz, pop, and R&B.

We had the opportunity to interview Clifford. Read on to know more.

1.      Hey Clifford. Your new song “Can We Dance To This” is amazing! I love the dynamic soundscape and the way it’s so exciting. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for the song’s theme?

A: The theme of this song was oddly influenced by the internet and the want to make an upbeat Summer pop song. Summer songs often bring back memories of good times for people. I released “3 AM” in the Summer and its audience is still growing.  I’m hopeful “Can We Dance To This” does the same. 

2.      When I read that this song is dedicated to someone you have never met, I was intrigued. What could have inspired you to come up with such a concept? I’m curious. Can you tell me more about why you wrote this song and what it means to you?

A: Haha! Dating apps and their odd way of making you think you’re actually dating. It’s crazy because it’s what many single people do now. Our dates are via dm’s and sometimes video chats. So I wrote a song about it to reveal how real it truly is or can be. 

3.      How do you usually come up with your songwriting ideas?

A: It changes all the time. Usually, I just sing random words into the mic to see what comes out and I treat whatever I say as a subconscious mind flow and go from there. Other times I have lyrics/concepts already written and then I compose instrumentals around them. 

4.      Who are your biggest musical influences?

A: -David Bowie because I relate heavily to his chameleon like style as a creative. 

-Max Martin because he has a production style that doesn’t cut corners, especially with vocals.

-Dianna Ross because of her captivating performance style.

-xxxTentacion because of his genre bending.

5.      What is next in the pipeline?

A: My pipeline is a vault of music that I work on periodically depending on what mood I’m in.  If a song seems to be progressing well and stands out as potentially a timely release, I focus on it and finish it. Other than writing and releasing music I’m working on finding the best fit for my music industry wise.  

Enjoy listening to Can We Dance To This here.

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