VISSIA – With Pleasure | Multitudes

I am personally jealous of people who can immerse themselves in every moment, completely absorbed by their experience. VISSIA is one such artist, who is keenly collecting very human moments to transcribe into the language of music. With an almost childlike wonderment, Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter VISSIA approaches a multitude of feelings across a potluck ofContinue reading “VISSIA – With Pleasure | Multitudes”

Indolore – After the Rain | Greener Pastures

After the Rain is encompassing of a singular feeling: perseverance. French instrumentalist Guillaume, under his nom de plume of Indolore (ironically meaning painless), breaks his silence to bring us a message of hope in our self-inflicted emotional turmoil that comes with increasingly troubled times. About the album, he writes, “When the rain came down, weContinue reading “Indolore – After the Rain | Greener Pastures”

Joe Pope – Skipping Stones | Keep on keeping on

There’s a certain romantic imagery to skipping stones, always evocative of youthful exuberance and big dreams. Joe Pope channels this into a nostalgic folk-rock soundscape that reminisces on that blissful naiveté, introspecting on the ways we have matured in the face of adversity. Skipping Stones a gorgeous indie-acoustic track with soul and solemnity, one thatContinue reading “Joe Pope – Skipping Stones | Keep on keeping on”

O’Cuana – Momentum | Transient

Momentum is O’Cuana, or Irish singer-songwriter Liam Cooney‘s manifestation of his passion for the craft, a track about diving in headfirst and going where the flow takes you. It is reflective of his quick beginnings in the industry, where he has gone from songwriting to production just this year. Momentum is a passionate acoustic/alternative rockContinue reading “O’Cuana – Momentum | Transient”

midori jaeger – See | A new perspectiv

midori jaeger’s See is a gorgeous cascade of instruments, a nu-jazz/alternative set that allows for her to leap in with experimentally groovy cello riffs. jaeger is a trained cellist turned indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and her intersectional experience with music gives her a unique mastery. She conjures a funky soundscape that embodies the unsettling experienceContinue reading “midori jaeger – See | A new perspectiv”