Anaté – Flow | Lost in the moment

European music duo Anaté‘s latest release, the single entitled Flow is available now! This chillwave inspired track combines Ana’s enchanting vocals with a trip-hoppy production that emerges like a down-tempo Glass Animals. Clever use of contrasting riffs and musical breaks creates a perforated soundscape that feels ethereal and dreamy. Andrea and Ana have been producingContinue reading “Anaté – Flow | Lost in the moment”

O’Cuana – Momentum | Transient

Momentum is O’Cuana, or Irish singer-songwriter Liam Cooney‘s manifestation of his passion for the craft, a track about diving in headfirst and going where the flow takes you. It is reflective of his quick beginnings in the industry, where he has gone from songwriting to production just this year. Momentum is a passionate acoustic/alternative rockContinue reading “O’Cuana – Momentum | Transient”

Honey Dream – Mythologies | A window into the cake dimension

Honey Dream is a soft and gooey track that oozes delight, a careless afternoon whisper of sweet nothings. It is the first release from American duo Mythologies and is a soothing indie folk-rock track featuring gorgeous saxophone and harmonica riffs that melt together to emerge as a pleasant daydream to interlude your day. Honey DreamContinue reading “Honey Dream – Mythologies | A window into the cake dimension”

Matthew Read – Bus Ride to Sevilla | Pleasantly Meditative

Matty Read is a UK-based singer-songwriter, and has released his first extended collection of music earlier this month, entitled Little Walks. His track, Bus Ride to Sevilla is a genuinely ecstatic and optimistic track about stopping to smell the roses – the part of the journey that serves as a gentle pause between adventures asContinue reading “Matthew Read – Bus Ride to Sevilla | Pleasantly Meditative”

Emily Parish – When Did The Guilt Get To You? | Vulnerability & Strength

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Emily Parish released her new single, When Did The Guilt Get To You? following her debut album ‘How I Feel Now’, a synth pop track full with haunting melancholic vocals and a punchy bass progression. Parish‘ unique style of making music is very influenced by UK synth pop, and has repetitive sequences thatContinue reading “Emily Parish – When Did The Guilt Get To You? | Vulnerability & Strength”

Carina Torres – The Way We Exist | Heartwrenching

Carina Torres is a singer-songwriter from Barcelona, eager to follow through with her music career by releasing her second single, the Way We Exist. The song is a raw and emotional ode to youthful naivete, about loss and yearning. It is heart-wrenching and genuine, and Torres has very powerful and intense vocals to bring outContinue reading “Carina Torres – The Way We Exist | Heartwrenching”

Aaron Yorke – London | Heart on your sleeve

Aaron Yorke’s latest release, London, is the latest composition from his endeavor titled Project 21, where Yorke keeps himself on his toes with one music project every month in 2021. Using his gentle and emotional voice accompanied by acoustic piano progressions for bittersweet introspection and reflection, the UK-based singer-songwriter is able to use a littleContinue reading “Aaron Yorke – London | Heart on your sleeve”

Frederich Bondo – Bliver | A melancholic journey

Bliver is the latest track release from Danish singer-songwriter and indie-folk artist Frederich Bondo, who is now exploring the genre solo. Bliver will be the third release that together culminates in the debut album release this autumn, Fabular Animals. Bondo has a unique synth-pop vibe that accompanies his powerful vocals on an acoustic track, theContinue reading “Frederich Bondo – Bliver | A melancholic journey”

Matt Gombau – Cats & Butterflies | There are two wolves inside you

Cats & Butterflies is the first release from Belgian singer-songwriter Matt Gombau, and is an acoustic indie folk piece about the internal battle waged in us all. The cats and the butterflies are allegorical for our real and ideal versions of self, the constant fight between unbounded imagination that makes us dream and fantasise andContinue reading “Matt Gombau – Cats & Butterflies | There are two wolves inside you”

Lemonade Marinade – Paradise Bay | A European Folk banger

Paradise Bay is simply a song capturing an experience, one that is sacred and pure to the human experience. It is an introspective spot on the beach of an imaginary paradise bay, and Lemonade Marinade ruminate about what makes it so phenomenal. The song is soothing and gentle, a melodic oscillating indie folk track –Continue reading “Lemonade Marinade – Paradise Bay | A European Folk banger”