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Jude Icarus
Combining an assortment of musical styles, trainings, talents, and ideas, Jude Icarus has arrived with a truly multi genre project that roots itself in the delivery style of 90s hip-hop.
David Buckley
The Irish singer based in Italy, David Buckley, has just released an exciting, energetic, and anthemic single "Boomshot". The track, which incorporates a shout at the top of your lungs sing along chorus, is a jolt of energy on a gloomy day.
Leuer. a name that means glowing, is a Portland based artist who makes music that is as easy going as it is contemplative. His soft, subtle, and understated voice backed by dreamy and silky production makes him an incredibly appealing listen to anyone looking for some personable indie folk music.
Alex Starling
Having been an integral part of North London synth-pop group Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - before the sad, untimely death of their lead singer, Charlie Haddon in 2010 - Alex Starling formed The Ghosts, spectres of ethereal synth-pop, and toured the world.