Project Kronos – Late in the Afternoon(Ambient version)

Project Kronos is the piano project of Jean Paul. Jean’s compositions are relaxing and are great for studying, meditation, mindfulness or sleep. His neoclassical compositions focus on the basic emotions of human nature such as sadness, melancholy and longing while weaving in uplifting and inspiring melodies. Late in the Afternoon begins with a crisp andContinue reading “Project Kronos – Late in the Afternoon(Ambient version)”

Sonder City – Symphony of Starlight

Symphony of Starlight is a single released by Sonder City. The song begins with a beautiful combination of ambience and strings which immediately draws you in with it’s top tier production/mix. The wall of ambience subsides into a subtle and intricate piano section which is accompanied by delicate ambience resulting in a symphony of notesContinue reading “Sonder City – Symphony of Starlight”

Skycircles – First Breath

Mike, who is also known as Skycircles, is fascinated by minimalistic and experimental music. First Breath is a serene, melancholic ambient piece that will take you through an enchanting journey with perfectly mixed Piano melodies. The artwork beautifully depicts the mood and emotions in the song! It gives a very relaxing vibe and would beContinue reading “Skycircles – First Breath”

Thurnin – Winds of Decay

Winds of Decay is the seventh track of the album Menhir by Thurnin. This album is the pinnacle of modern neo-folk and this 10-track album is an emotional journey that is second to none. Winds of Decay at it’s core is an acoustic piece that is embellished by flute and string sections. The chords progressionsContinue reading “Thurnin – Winds of Decay”

Todd Boston & Jérémy Marais – Douce Éclosion

Douce Éclosion is the mesmerizing second track from the EP ‘Vulnerable Treasures’ by the duo. The amalgamation of saxophone and acoustic guitar in the genre of ambient instrumentals is indeed a rare and unique occurrence. Yet, the simple yet majestic chords on the acoustic guitar played by Todd are accompanied by wonderful saxophone melodies playedContinue reading “Todd Boston & Jérémy Marais – Douce Éclosion”