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Mark Winters-Life of 3
Mark Winters-Life of 3
Mark Winters-Life of 3

Mark Winters brings his folk sound with a new touch in latest single, “Life of 3”

Mark Winters is a prose professor, by profession. Not only do his lyrics transport you into his shoes where you see the world differently, but he creates music that is etched in memory forever. Some might make music for a legacy, some for what it makes them feel. Mark is an honest musician who is inspired and would love to inspire. This is his single from 2019, Life of 3.

Though he doesn’t list him in major influences, I felt a Neil Young breeze in this track. It isn’t by composition or by melody, but something intangible. Those lingering, echoing notes and delays, simple guitar transitions and relaxed progressions. Things that make a song everlasting. There is a reason why this song is streamed so much, and it’s because of that audio texture. The song asking you to revisit it like an old friend. Maybe the spoken word part is like a tale, however he creates this audio cage with the guitar ringing out. As the percussions really kick in, you understand what Mark Winters has expertly done with his music. There is a lingering atmosphere, like sweet incense, that stays after the performance. That is what we live for.

You can hear his passion in Boundary Layer, his 2022 album. My Christmas, his latest track was also received with immense joy from listeners. This is a musician that is bringing back the Canyon sound, with his own touch. Excitement and mirth will ring in the air, with his poetry and lyrics. Listen to his brilliant single here:

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