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Unconventional Folk Gems

Mcclendon – Omen

In the realm of experimental folk music, few artists take risks as boldly as Mcclendon. The Oklahoma-based musician’s latest single, “Omen,” is an emotionally charged journey that blends rock, folk, and analog electronica. The result is a breathtaking performance that showcases Mcclendon’s mastery of multiple genres and his willingness to push the boundaries of conventional folk.

Lexie Carroll – tomorrow

Shifting gears to London, we have 18-year-old singer-songwriter Lexie Carroll, whose latest single “tomorrow” is a stunning showcase of her vocal prowess and songwriting skills. The track’s lush instrumentation provides the perfect backdrop for Carroll’s dynamic and soothing voice, as she spins a tale of love, longing, and optimism. With “tomorrow,” Carroll proves herself as a rising star in the world of contemporary folk.

CHVRLI BLVCK – Why Did You Go?

Finally, we have CHVRLI BLVCK, another London-based artist who delivers a deeply personal and emotional track with “Why Did You Go?” CHVRLI BLVCK’s music is a reflection of his struggles with mental health, and his latest release showcases his raw and authentic sound. Through heartfelt lyricism, eclectic instrumentation, and a passionate vocal performance, “Why Did You Go?” takes listeners on a journey of love and nostalgia that’s hard to forget.

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