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Carson Ferris - Speed Limit
Carson Ferris - Speed Limit
Carson Ferris - Speed Limit

Carson Ferris – Speed Limit

An upbeat, groovy, and soul-pleasing piece of music is how one can describe the latest single by Carson Ferris, Speed Limit. Based out of Provo, Utah, in the United States of America, Carson Ferris is a superbly talented pop singer-songwriter, and his music is such that it melts your heart right from the first listen, and this latest track is no different.

Carson Ferris’ Speed Limit sets a positive vibe right from the moment you hit the play button. Besides the utterly sweet and calming vocals, the overall composition of this song is very fresh and appealing, with several varied musical elements that add beautiful sonic colours to the track, making it sound more like an anthem. The beats are so catchy that the listener cannot help but tap their feet to the groove, and the synth triggers and dreamy tones pull you in from the first moment of listening. It is also a beautiful song to listen to while you are on a long drive to cool off the stress our minds have to deal with daily.

A song that speaks like a friend!

Lyrically, this song addresses the rat race that we human beings are voluntarily or involuntarily a part of and how that sometimes overwhelms us with a lot of pressure because we are always running from one thing to the next without a moment’s peace or rest. Therefore, as the lyrics suggest, it is better sometimes to let go of things that add to the already persistent pressure that we go through, and in that way, we can give our minds and souls some well-deserved rest and calmness.

Overall, this song brings a fair lot of motivation and realization, thereby helping the listener work towards living a better life. So, get going and listen to this beautiful track here:

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