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Jade Moss - Don’t Come Running | Neo Vintage
Jade Moss - Don’t Come Running | Neo Vintage

Jade Moss – Don’t Come Running | Neo Vintage

Jade Moss is known for her passionate, fiery vocals, and alluring, unique music that lights up the soul of her listeners. 

Her recent release is a song called Don’t Come Running, an ethereal, soulful number that will surely lift your spirits. This track is simply out of the box and fresh. Every element of the track is a complex mix of traditional and contemporary, but it has been portrayed so beautifully that it all feels fresh and authentic. Moss makes sure that everything has an impact and therefore every element of the track brings something to the table. The soundscapes will take you back in time. They are groovy, a little bit of fun and sparkle, a lot of oomph, and a pinch of jazz. The great bit is that song’s perfectly balanced vintage and contemporary themes. The song feels retro yet super modern at the same time. 

With amazing vocalization, the essence of the soundscapes is elevated even more and it all becomes worthwhile and memorable. The song is a hook-worthy track that will leave you wanting more. 

Great production ensures that things come to the surface in just the right way. Every bit of the song carries beautiful nuances that are waiting for you to be explored and cherished. The song will elevate your spirits for sure and will linger in your head for quite a while.

This one deserves a place in your playlist!

Listen to the song right here:

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