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Astrovoyager - Run Away
Astrovoyager - Run Away

Astrovoyager – Run Away

Multifaceted 2019 Independent Music Award Nominee AstroVoyager (Philippe Fagnoni) is a French composer, performer and electronic music producer. Taken with the infinite expanse of the cosmos, he uses his brand of post-modern electronica to present beguiling spatial concepts. In his new single, Run Away, Astrovoyager puts on a vivacious show, weaving in classical elements and pop vocals to magnify the listening experience. 

The track features the vocal talent of singer-songwriter, Anne-Lyse Regalado. Her ability to adapt the emotional facets her vocals to suit the song’s theme and Astrovoyager’s aesthetic speaks to her versatility and virtuoso. 

The track is a grand electronic symphony, as the artist likes to call it. Opening with an explosive orchestra of basses and beats, it sets the stage for the emotional display of the vocals. Looping in the instinct of flight, Anne presents a desperate agenda, with an urgency that is expounded by the soundscape. 

So much of the song, like most of his work, invokes wondrous visual appeals. Pairing visceral impulses with pulsing rhythms and splashy synths, Astrovoyager explores the diverse dimensions of his fascination with space. And to go on this journey with him is nothing short of incredible. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Run Away by The Astrovoyager, featuring Anne-Lyse Regalado here – 

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