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Carter Ray - Forever Plus One
Carter Ray - Forever Plus One

Carter Ray – Forever Plus One

Carter Ray is a soul-artist. As an autobiographical singer-songwriter, his work is a dreamy extension of himself, nurtured by his emotions and experiences. Encapsulating the echoes of his heart, Carter’s verse/vocal driven style showcases his talent as a master raconteur, embedded in a sea of sentimentality. In his new song, Forever Plus One, Carter Ray renders a heartfelt love song that impresses a sense of deep affection and boundless love. Listeners of Sam Smith, Adele, John Legend and the like are sure to enjoy the wonder that is Carter Ray. 

The track is an acoustic cinema. Ornamented with evocative piano melodies and molten swells of violins, it is the perfect vehicle to take us through the glistening caves of Carter’s vocals. The blooming baritones capture the inexorable purity and joy of finding and marrying the love of your life. Rising harmonies weave through the sparkling keys. All in all, this soul-pop anthem is a visceral portrait of the depths of the human heart. 

The artist debuted in 2021 with Dimension, Baby and has since released four singles. He has also won several accolades for his cinematography work in the QueerX LA Film Festival and is a prime advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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