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Tha Building - TYBAH | Perfect Funk
Tha Building - TYBAH | Perfect Funk

Tha Building – TYBAH | Perfect Funk

Tha Building is a vibrant band of seven exceptionally talented artists that individually bring so much to the table, and therefore collectively to the band. Their soul, funk-rock songs are deep on so many levels that they don’t just make for a good dance number, but they also offer an enormous opportunity to deepen the listener’s connection with music. And art itself. 

This time they are back with an exuberant and lively number called TYBAH which is a collaboration with Nate’ the Soulsanger.

A simply flowing rhythm imbibes empowering energies and enlivens your spirits effortlessly. TYBAH is a fun, rock-funk number that offers a classic beat pattern that runs almost throughout the song and gives the track that beautiful upbeat vibe. The beats in this song are just something else. And anything extraordinary doesn’t always have to be out of the box. But its execution changes the entire ball game. And this is a song that undergoes just that.

The song has been executed with excellence and there are no missing pieces whatsoever. Sometimes on listening to a track we often wish for a different tune or a different nuance that may fit better. But when it comes to TYBAH, you wouldn’t want to change a thing. 

The song is just a fun wholesome track that you would wanna play anytime you want a kick in your spirits. That being said, the song is not overly upbeat or noisy. Sounds just beautifully fit together effortlessly and make a canopy of something marvelous. 

This one is a well-made, well-executed, well-produced song, that you shouldn’t miss!

Listen to the song right here: 

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