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Nicky Buell - THE GAY AGENDA!
Nicky Buell - THE GAY AGENDA!

Nicky Buell – THE GAY AGENDA!

Nicky Buell is a rising pop star and queer artist launching into stardom with his revolutionary compositions and collaborations. He has worked with notable producers like Phil Peterson, Matthew Wolk, and pop-star Anna Thomson. He’s not your straightforward performer. His rhythm design and sonic arrangements evolve over the course of a track to create a highly engaging listening experience. As is evidenced in Nicky Buell ‘s brand-new eleven track album, THE GAY AGENDA! 

His style is a combination of The Weeknd’s electric atmospheres, Billie Eilish’s defiance, and Ariana Grande’s dramatic flourish. Lined with electronic beats and basslines, his work is enigmatic and vibrant, mellow and high impact, cerebral and visceral all at the same time. 

CAMP opens the album with a mercurial design. The rhythm is largely dictated by the shape-shifting basslines. Fleshing out the emotions and sass in the lyrics, they pierced the soundscape at dramatic angles and create magnificent dimensions. AM I THE DRAMA? is loaded with a musical subversion that is reminiscent of Panic At The Disco. The track features the talent of Anna Thompson. Her vocals pose with a wide-eyed e-girl quality that perfectly fits into the narrative of the track. 

GROSS has marked acapella sensibilities. It has a reactive rhythm design composed of clapping beats, double vocals, and ascending grooves. The chorus deviates from the emo and expressive style of the verses, with remixed vocals, beats, and harmonies. OH BOY! is largely constructed with just two textures – mellow vocals and hard wired basslines. By juxtaposing these contrasting sound profiles, the artist virtuosically builds up its energy. We also see some snaking lines of soulful instrumentation towards the bridge and outro. 

The vibe of the next song, BAD B*TCH is just as its title suggests. With a strong vocal lead, the song shimmers and pops with mellow synths and beats. It’s charismatic in such unexpected ways. A block of rap verses lathers it with cred. Packed within a fun rhythm set, it is catchy and addictive. 

Yet another minimalistic composition BOY CRAZY is constructed with despondent passion and pumps of energy. The emo vocals wear ornaments of synth swishes, bubbling beats, and electronic harmonies. Whispers of violins wrap around the histrionic vocal solo at the song’s peak before driving to its end. BROMANCE – THE GAYER VERSION is a new interpretation of one of the artist’s hit songs, BROMANCE. Matching acoustic strings with dance beats and soul vocals, the song is a mosaic of genres. 

OXYTOCIN is an unassuming powerhouse that rolls with dark euphoria. The song depicts the imprisonment and freedom of dopamine and drugs. SYNTHETIC is a whimsical idyllic pop song. The artist uses sunny melodies and warm vocals to defeat the obsession with plastic symmetry. I LOVE YOU is classical and iconic. With pronounced R&B accents and souful violins, the vocals float away into dreamy worlds of passion. WHY? concludes the album with a feather soft soundscape. Acoustic piano melodies, violins and guitar nurture the vocals to carry on with tragic melancholy. 

The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to THE GAY AGENDA!, by Nicky Buell here – 

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