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Terry Blade - Ethos : Son of a Sharecropper
Terry Blade - Ethos : Son of a Sharecropper

Terry Blade – Ethos : Son of a Sharecropper

Terry Blade is a reverent folk artist and singer-songwriter with a flair for nostalgia. With several accolades to his name, the artist’s work gleams with perspectives that are inspired by Meshell Ndegeocello, Isaac Hayes, and Gil Scott-Heron. With his roots in blues, Terry’s vintage folk styles and sonic appeal is poetic like Dylan’s. In his latest ten-track album Ethos: Son of a Sharecropper, Terry Blade blows us away with rich swells of emotion and beguiling lyricism. 

Come Home opens the album, with dangling guitar acoustics laced with shining harmonica melodies. The emphatic finger-picking style loads the senses with a South-American appeal. Paired with Terry’s throaty vocal nostalgia, the song emulates the essence of home to go with his lyrical appeal- come home. 

Won’t Be Around shines like a dark orb. A brief interlude with a runtime of less than two minutes. Its dallying rhythm is constructed gradually with gliding strings. And Terry’s ribbed vocal expression is easily the crowning jewel of the song. The next song, Rigor Morris features the talent of composer and instrumentalist, Adrián Berenguer. While the morbid theme is represented in the vocals, the instrumentation is interestingly luminous. With earthy beats setting a thumping rhythm, the song takes on a surreal strangeness that is redolent of Hozier. 

Featuring Nicholas Rowe, Rainbow Child follows with the tearing sound of the harmonica. A deep sense of loneliness roams the halls of the despondent vocals. And the simple rhythm of acoustic guitar carries its emotional weight. The song blends folk with soft blossoms of soul and streaming lines of country before climaxing with chaotic sonic dissonance. Talk About It is an acoustic bliss. Its glinting guitar acoustics twinkles between long columns of vocals. Buoyant and rustic at the same time, you just can’t get enough. 

Fiddle & Banjo (Interlude) is a charming spoken dialogue discussing the greats who played the two instruments in the title. It features Walter Brown, Charles K. Wolfe, and Patrick B. Mullen. Wasn’t Mine marks the beginning of the last quarter of the album. Its rhyme rhythm is led by acoustic guitar and populated with soothing choral baritones. Despite its jolly tune, it will have you weeping with sudden melancholia and remind you of goodbyes. 

In Grandma’s Kitchen is a magnificent banjo lined single. Drawing from his memories as a child, the artist infuses the magic of happy and carefree times with movement inducing vocals and instrumentation. Jimmy James is a grieving score. With solemn guitar melodies and tall vocals, we’re doused in an emotional apocalypse. In My House concludes the album with sweeps of country acoustics laden with soulful vocals. The waltzing piano rhythm inspires a great love and passion for your roots. 

The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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