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Mick J Clark - This Is Where My Heart Belongs
Mick J Clark - This Is Where My Heart Belongs

Mick J Clark – This Is Where My Heart Belongs

Mick J Clark tears our hearts with tenderness in this new melodic pop, This Is Where My Heart Belongs. The artist employs his signature combination of feel-good vocals and luminous melodies. The British singer-songwriter is a deep empath and a master in the affairs of the heart. And with this love song, we can’t help but swell with ballooning love and rise to touching peaks of emotion.

The song is featured on Disc Two of Mick’s extended album, Is This The Best Song Catalogue Ever? It has impeccable euphonic sophistication with delectable acoustics and swaying synths. The aching devotion in the vocals and the pure sentiment are a testament to love’s deep passion and romance. Listening to the song is like being in the presence of that love that we all dream of having.

The vintage, old-school love cloaks the composition in a pink haze. Embedded in a Latin rhythm, the artist incites us to express the surging emotion in the heart. The song brings the warm magic of serendipity and is perfect to slow dance to under the disco ball with your love.

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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