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The Huneez - Addicted To You
The Huneez - Addicted To You

The Huneez – Addicted To You | An Indie Orchestra

The Huneez is an indie-pop trio from Australia. Composed of Chad, Kaitlin, and Pauly, their soundscapes are a fun eclectic mix of retro styles and their contemporary counterparts. Going for a high sonic engagement, the band plays around the pop music formulae with a splashy hand. In their new release, Addicted To You, The Huneez flesh out the indie sound with wires of funk and disco grooves.

The track is geared for passion and power. Its groovy rhythm and glimmering melodies craft a bedazzled atmosphere. But it still has an air of authenticity that is vital to any indie-sound. You can feel the song pulsing with energy. Vibrant sonic streams and flashy beats form a magnificent duo with a flamboyant purple and extravagant orange energy.

The song is a swirling mass of funk-rock and disco-pop forming excellent combinations of sound. The silver drama of disco styles dimensionalizes the percussion. And it is the perfect base with glistening caves of energy. Guitar riffs are adorned with dainty garlands of synths. Luscious funk guitar interludes revolutionize Kaitlin’s vocal journey as they blow through them.

It’s an indie orchestra. The song marks the third release of the band, following their debut and sophomore singles, Morning Blue (2020) and Nightfall (2021).

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Addicted To You by The Huneez here –

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