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Mouse Man - Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.) Cover Art
Mouse Man - Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.) Cover Art

Mouse Man – Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.)

Mouse Man is a rock project that I recently discovered which happens to be one of my best finds this year. This project made its debut in 2021 November and I really wish I had discovered this sooner. This is a project that is packed with intricate guitar riffs blended with super-distorted vocals that bang. If you are looking for some really impactful rock music that focuses more on instrumentation, you will fall in love with this one. This project surely blew away my mind and I’m pretty sure that it will blow away yours too. Do give this amazing, innovative project a go and you will not be disappointed.

I came across this project through its debut release which is named ‘Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.)‘ which is a pure neck-breaker. If you’re into music that slaps, you will be surely thrilled by this track. The track starts off with an impactful guitar tab and a rhythmic buildup that leads to a subtle drop where the vocals kick in. The vocals are heavily distorted and perfectly keep up the vibe of the track. The way the whole track was carried surely had me banging my head throughout the track. The melodies are ecstatic and are done justice to, by the heavy drums that are on point. This is surely something that is supposed to be heard by the masses, Do give this track a spin if you’re into heavy rock music! I will add this to my morning playlist to give my day a head start for sure.

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Discovered via http://musosoup.com

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