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Clay Joule - Realm
Clay Joule - Realm
Clay Joule - Realm

Clay Joule – Realm | A message to mankind

Sometimes, certain songs and music awaken your soul with utmost motivation, upliftment, and happiness. If you wish to experience something similar, then the latest single of Clay Joule, Realm, is the perfect song! An absolutely brilliant and multi-talented musician, Clay is an amazing drummer and a singer-songwriter as well. On top of that, he is also highly gifted in sound design. His sonic universe is worthy of in-depth exploration, and his musicality is purely genre-defying.

Through the song Realm, Clay Joule just touches your heart right from the first note. Moreover, true to his nature of being attentive and observant towards societal affairs, he brings a conceptual lyricism to the song. It was initially written as a poem out of influence by The White Paper Movement that occurred due to the strict Covid 19 policies. The lyrics of this track reflect the love-hate relationship between the citizens and the governing authorities during the movement. Later, along with the assistance of fellow composer Tindaro Raffaele, Realm was musically arranged.

A soul-pleasing song in itself, Realm boasts beautiful synth lines upon a steady foundation of groovy, sophisticated drumming and percussions. The overall composition is a blend of wonderfully chosen instrumentations that complement each other, thereby building the whole blissful atmosphere of the song. The most beautiful part of the song is the Scottish bagpipe that you will listen to right after the chorus. The hard-hitting march band snare drum sounds add an uplifting vibe to the anthem-like chant the melody of the bagpipe provides.

In addition to the beautiful soundscape, the vocals emerge wonderfully, and the overall message feels more impactful. Don’t miss out on this wonderful experience, and give this song a listen here:

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