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The Mars McClanes - Be Still | Serendipitous 
The Mars McClanes - Be Still | Serendipitous 

The Mars McClanes – Be Still | Serendipitous 

The Mars McClanes is an indie band known for its out-of-the-box approach towards music. Their songs are known to have a classic touch of poignance and euphoria at the same time, and the way they weave these together is truly brilliant in itself. Their recent release is a song called Be Still, a rejuvenating, serendipitous track with soulful melodies and exquisite flow.

The song Be Still is a beauty in itself, making you delve into the internal universe that we often choose to ignore in our day-to-day life. The song unfolds in a beautiful way, paving a way for you to get lost in its subtleties, the magically woven motifs that sound good in every way, every mood. The song explores wildness and stillness, stoic-like energies at the same time as the lyrics challenge you to push your consciousness a little further and the melodies put you at ease. It is interesting how the song unfolds in a rather mystical manner. Slow, steady, yet strikingly impactful, the words reverberate further and beyond your senses and allow you to enter into a realm of tranquility. The song has been sung in a brilliant manner, and the additional nuances here and there make the song a rather joyous ride and an adventure in itself. 

With soulful tunes, a stunning, rejuvenating pace, outstanding vocals, and simple yet artistic production, this song becomes a stellar piece of art, that you shouldn’t miss out on if you are an indie lover!

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