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Occurrence – Fudge | Diving into the Depths of Desire

Introducing Occurrence – the experimental electronic pop band with a nostalgic bent!

Ken Urban (electronics, synths & beats), Cat Hollyer (vocals, flute), and Johnny Hager (vocals) make up this exciting new band. Hailing from New York City’s Washington Heights, the group formed when Ken and Cat reconnected on Facebook after 20 years apart. The rest is history! The two have been working together for six years now, and their live performances are simply unforgettable. With Johnny as a second vocalist, the trio creates a sound that is truly one of a kind.

Occurrence’s latest track, “Fudge,” is a tantalizing journey into the realm of desire, where electro-pop and industrial rhythms collide to create an electrifying soundscape. The pulsating beats will have your senses on high alert, drawing you deeper into the unknown world. The alluring vocals of Hollyer serve as your guide, leading you through a landscape of electrifying sounds and driving beats that will leave you breathless. “Fudge” is not for the faint of heart. It’s a daring and bold statement, an invitation to indulge in the sensual and the unknown. The song starts with an energetic baseline, distorted percussion, and sultry vocals that set the tone for an exhilarating journey. As the song progresses, the ambiance shifts, and the soundscape intensifies, taking you on a ride to a space filled with robots. This is a place where the boundaries between man and machine blur, and the listener is challenged to embrace the unknown. This track is a must-listen for experimental and electronic music fans, as it pushes the limits of genre and challenges the listener to explore the depths of desire. The combination of industrial rhythms and electro-pop creates a unique and captivating sound that will leave a lasting impression on the listener. So, dare to indulge and take a journey into the forbidden world of “Fudge” with Occurrence.

Enjoy listening to Fudge here.

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