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6ixth Element – Spiritual Form | Lush Rap

6ixth Element is an emcee, hip-hop record producer and performer based out of Denver, Colorado, who loves experimenting with new sounds, as well as blending them into winning formulae that manage to sound unique and distinctive, yet well made and presentable. “Spiritual Form” is the latest release by 6ixth Element that brings to mind the hard-hitting, yet melodically rich and rhythmically complex styles of the rap of yesteryear. Keep reading for my review of “Spiritual Form” by 6ixth Element.

The production is great, with a lot of layers that blend in together to make a real difference to the overall character and the overall vibe of the song, which is something that quite caught my fancy right from the get-go. There is a sense of cohesiveness and polish throughout the execution that suggested to me a great amount of production value, love and labour that has gone into the making of this song, and that is something I quite loved about this song.

The adlibs are delivered well, with the female voices in the background tastefully done, and the turntabled background vocals, with the occasional “Gimme the Loot!” in the background standing out as the right kind of ear candy to me throughout my period of listening to this song as I wrote the review for it.

The flow is tight, and binds to the beat but with enough swing and feel in the delivery to keep the heads bobbing and the sound fresh– and this made for a thoroughly enjoyable listen from start to finish. Check out “Spiritual Form” by 6ixth Element here!

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