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The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel
The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel

MDK FLA – The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel | Variety Meal

We have a look at The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel, the 2021 album by maverick producer Matthew Cobis better known as MDK FLA. The Fort Myers, Florida-based producer has created some amazing experimental music, especially with his last few albums released in 2022: the experimental opus BlackStar, Electro thrash banger ZEROTIME, and the magical Elixir. He combines alternative rock with electronic production and sweet doses of blues and every genre.

The album begins with Enough, a rock song with some eastern scales and heavy guitar riffs. Heavy rock song with electronic production to balance it all. Ancestor Worship begins with an acoustic guitar riff and soon changes key and feel to some calmer vibes from the rustic ones in the beginning. Some exotic vocals then spin this impressive song. Not Done With You begins with a tasty bluesy rock guitar riff which is followed by some electronic beats. Some impressive vocals then spin a compelling rock song. The song transitions in the second half keeping you listening.

Devastation is an alternative rock ballad with good use of synths and reverbs. This is a laid back song with solid beats and heavenly vocals. The cerebral experimental production takes the back seat to tight songwriting. Savage begins with elaborate electronic beats and some dark hypnotic synth production and catchy rap sections. The groove is tight on this one. This is a compelling modern hip-hop track that will keep you listening with its solid groove and performance. Dazzling vocals greet us on the song John Titor. The song arrangement here serves the vocal melody to a future electronic rock feel. We also get some sitar, spoken word verse, and slide guitar here. The song transforms in the second half turning into a complex web of blues rock and electronics. A highlight of the record! Very musical but experimental as well. Stunning work by MDK FLA!

We also get StarForm an instrumental track with a techno electronica sound with some club haze inducing music. Unabated begins with a dark alternative rock sound and sombre riffs. The riffs turn gritty with a RATM style vocal delivery. This is an alternative metal track that perfectly combines hip-hop with heavy madness. Vamp, the last song of the album, makes use of cleaning shining guitar parts and magnificent vocals creating a unique aura. In characteristic fashion, we then see a blend of alternative rock with electronic beats and production in the outro. The album concludes with an extended version of Not Done With You.

The album makes great use of a variety of vocal samples. Many talented producers limit the vocal scope of their records by usually relying on their limited vocal range dampening the musical innovation by lack of vocal range and diversity in expression. Cobis extensively uses samples and other vocals to ensure the freshness and wide sonic range of vocal musical application in the music. He keeps you perplexed in every song not following the set rules of musical structure and repetition, keeping the listener guessing. With The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel, MDK FLA has brewed a mystical concoction of tight songwriting coupled with innovative production and vision.

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