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Inner Child (Vinny’s Version) – Lethia’s Natorium | Pop

“Inner Child” is the latest release from the kitchen of Lethia’s Natorium, a project by singer-songwriter Pena Hughes-John; known for her regular forays into experimentalism, and pushing the boundaries of what she may sound like. Local folk and Steampunk aesthetics have been a staple of her music, with some elements of indie punk/rock music blended in for good measure. Keep reading for my take on “Inner Child”, her newest release.

The song follows a nice, mid-tempo rhythm with the drumming and the electric guitar taking centre stage in the production. Pena’s vocals shine through front and centre on this track, the power being very apparent in both her voice and the way it has been used on this track. I was left quite chuffed, honestly, when I was listening to it– for having made a melody that is easy on the ears, yet one that managed to hit deep, with the way it was presented, and thus, by me interpreted.

The guitar is well done, with the right amount of variety so as to not distract from the central affair– the vocals– yet not being mundane; or even close to it; lest it sounds monotonous– the balance here is something I quite appreciated about the song too.

The lyricism has praise flowing for it aplenty, with the themes, and the articulation being something that quite struck my fancy as a dedicated listener during my time listening to “Inner Child”. As I said earlier, the vocals play a good part in bringing the themes to the fore, which I liked.

With “Inner Child”, I think Pena, and as an extension, Lethia’s Natorium are on to a winner here. I loved listening to the song! Check it out here:

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