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Luke Frees - If There Ain’t a Heaven | Piano Bliss
Luke Frees - If There Ain’t a Heaven | Piano Bliss

Luke Frees – If There Ain’t a Heaven | Piano Bliss

Luke Frees is a singer, songwriter, producer, and photographer, based in Chicago, renowned for his authentic musical styles and rich flairs. His recent release is a track called If There Ain’t a Heaven, a classic piano number.

The song starts off in an exuberant way, with its blissful piano sounds, setting you in a zen state almost immediately. The song builds off in a beautiful way and lifts your spirits like nothing else. With extraordinary musicality, Frees easily manages to transpose you into a realm of tranquility. The great thing about the song is definitely the great piano soundscapes, but the lyrics as well hit just the right chord with the listener. You will want to listen to this song again and again, at your own pace, to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the treasures that you didn’t come across yet. The lyrics are heartwarming, with deeply meaningful lines that stir you in just the right way, making you fall in love with the song even more. 

Luke Frees sings the song in a mesmerizing way and adds that perfect nuanced touch to the track. His vocals compliment the soft and warming vibe of the track in a perfect manner. You won’t feel like replacing anything in the song, thanks to its stellar production. Some might argue that it isn’t quite eventful and happening, but that’s the beauty of it. It is meant to be simple, hear touching, and yet a classic and impactful number at the same time.

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