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Frank Joshua - What Price a Smile | Intense
Frank Joshua - What Price a Smile | Intense

Frank Joshua – What Price a Smile | Intense

Frank Joshua is a renowned singer and songwriter known for his authentic and out-of-the-box taste in music. His music speaks to the masses in a rather unique way and makes them crave for more. 

Frank Joshua recently released a brand new single called What Price a Smile that has a unique musicality to it. An almost eccentric electronic affair and intense instrumentality give this song a sheer thrill. The upbeatness that at first starts off rather slowly and without much extravaganza, goes on to build itself into something rather happening and eventful. You would find yourself soaking into the bliss of this song just like having a fun day on the beach when the sun is out and there is so much to seek joy from. This song would remind you to take a step back and will make you fall for the thrill of it all. The intense instrumentality makes this song quite spectacular and would have a great effect on your senses, making you more perceptive of the drama in the seemingly little things. 

The song builds itself beautifully and progresses in a great way, leaving you in a state of bliss, thanks to the stellar production. The song has been produced in a unique way that in turn gives this song a special trait and makes it more fun and enjoyable. With thrilling and intense soundscapes, this song makes for a must-listen. Something that your holiday playlist shouldn’t miss out on!

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