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The Starkillers – Here with You | Incredible Fusion of Rock and Pop
The Starkillers – Here with You | Incredible Fusion of Rock and Pop

The Starkillers – Here with You | Incredible Fusion of Rock and Pop 

The Starkillers is an amazing four-piece band that is here with some modern pop/rock music. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the band is purely making the music scene go wild there. A band so distinctive by their songwriting and music, The Starkillers can be recognized just by their shiny and bright neon appearance. The band gained huge popularity in a very little time after the release of its debut single in 2022 called “Are You Thinking of Me”. 

They are back with yet another emotional and melodic rock single called “Here with You”. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a very soft and mellow acoustic guitar that sets the mood instantly. Soon the vocals kick in subtlety with the acoustic guitar producing a sweet melody. With a slow drum on just hi-hats and bass gives life to the song. More instruments kick in after the second verse like a lead on electric guitar and bass. The chorus kicks in a lot of power and energy and has a catchy hook. The song really gets to you in the second half as it progresses to be a full-on pop rock-sounding track. “Here with You” has a very interesting and sudden end that will get the attention of the listener. 

“Here with You” is a beautiful song with all the elements of a rock and pop song; both are blended phenomenally as well. The Starkillers are really making it big in the music and is highly recommended to listen to the new single. 

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