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Centershift – Falling Into
Centershift – Falling Into

Centershift – Falling Into | Composed Aura

Los Angeles alternative rock band Centershift presents us with their latest compelling song Falling Into. The song is from their album A Different Shade Of Color released on Auspicious Recordings and Wolf Entertainment. The band consists of Jasan Radford on vocals and guitars, Ryan Shane Stuber on guitar, Ted Wenri on bass, and Stefan Storace on drums. Jasan Radford who was frontman for popular mainstream 90s and 2000s alternative rock band OneSideZero.

Falling Into is an alternative rock song with a dark vibe with rays of energy in the chorus. The tonality and harmonic character of the piece mainly spin a sombre feel. The song has a moody atmosphere, with distorted guitar riffs and an intricate drum beat. It feels introspective and introverted, with a sense of being overwhelmed. The band’s signature blend of nu metal and post grunge influences come through in full force. The lead singer’s powerful and emotive vocals drive the chorus. The music is heavy and intense while being subtle and has a temperate tempo that will get you in a mood.

The early 2000s were the heydays of radio rock and post-grunge. At the time, band members of Centershift had toured with the likes of System Of A Down, Static X, and Incubus. Wenri from Bemus and Radford know each other from their touring days. Stuber from the band Shuvel and Storace joined as well to craft a modern nu metal band.

Overall, “Falling Into” by Centershift is a powerful alt rock song for the modern era rooted in greater sound.

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