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Lucid Evolution - Wild Soul
Lucid Evolution - Wild Soul
Lucid Evolution - Wild Soul

Lucid Evolution – Wild Soul | A sonic universe

A journey to a mind-bending sonic universe that boasts an amalgamation of variance of different genres; that’s precisely what Lucid Evolution’s Wild Soul will make you feel like. This song is a trip and keeps drawing you into a kaleidoscopic loop of different sounds! It is such a mesmerizing experience that you don’t wish to stop and keep playing this song on a loop.

Based out of Richmond, Virginia, USA, Lucid Evolution is a band of four amazingly talented and gifted musicians who combine their musical influences and create nothing but utterly brilliant compositions like Wild Soul. This song is a sheer example of how to execute your musical influences in your way!

A brief of what follows in the journey!

Wild Soul starts with a soul-soothing slow drum groove alongside some bluesy and tonally psychedelic guitar melody. This track catches your attention from the very first moment. As soon as the vocals kick in, the powerful and melodious voice captivates you in a way that you’ll never wish to leave the space of thoughts where it takes you. The song’s overall vibe is similar to that of a Pink Floyd track, but there’s another surprise element of musical influence that happens during the guitar solo that follows.

The guitar solo section is one of the song’s finest and most attractive sections and gives you the chills right from the first note with the psychedelic delayed tones and face-melting blues licks and bends. This section showcases Lucid Evolution’s jam band abilities by gradually building up to a faster Latin groove with percussions. This part of the guitar solo will instantly remind you of none other than the living guitar legend Carlos Santana.

Overall, the single by Lucid Evolution, Wild Soul, is a song you should not miss. It is an experience you will cherish for a long time! Listen to this track here:

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