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What Strange Beasts – Cat's Paw
What Strange Beasts – Cat's Paw

What Strange Beasts – Cat’s Paw | Retro Space Rock

Psychedelic progressive rock band What Strange Beasts has released its latest single Cat’s Paw. Hailing from Bryn Mawr Skyway, Washington state, this is the first single from the second album Starlight’s Castaways by the band. The band features Aaron Kremer on bass and vocals, Benjamin Ruby on synths and piano, and vocals, Alley C on guitars, and Jonathan Maxwell on drums and vocals.

As What Strange Beasts describe it, these are works examining distance, loneliness, loss, and the pleasure and delight of connection and new experiences, the sparkling second series of sonnets from What Strange Beasts explores the wonders of the world and the mirror image and reflection of the universe in each and every one of us.

The song expressed itself as a conventional rock song with the right amount of spice. This is a pretty tight psychedelic progressive rock song with a hard rock base, balancing all the elements. Catchy hooky riffs. Sweet classic guitar rock tone. The cover art for the album also looks really cool. Reminds one of the DC and Marvel space stuff. It features a black hole, a bat-like constellation, some pink blazing asteroid debris, a man stuck on a space rock, and a spaceship moving away. Dying with curiosity to know the story behind this.

The song was produced and mixed by Don Gunn at The Office, recorded at London Bridge Studios by Don Gunn at Shoreline, Washington. Mastering was done by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. With these masterful efforts, we get a tasty art pop rock treat with enough psych and prog rock. What Strange Beasts has a tight visionary rock song with groove and melody with Cat’s Paw.

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