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Gabriella - Stranger To You
Gabriella - Stranger To You

Gabriella – Stranger To You

Gabriella writes a lovely letter to her grandfather in her debut single, Stranger To You. The artist’s vibrant vocals and virtuosic blends create a steaming bowl of feel-good. This was closely followed by the release of the song’s acoustic version. The track is the perfect kind of warmth you need for the holidays!

Stranger to You is your debut single release! That’s so exciting! Congratulations 🙂 Can you tell us a little about the journey and encounters that led up to this? Also, what inspired the creation of this track?

Thank you so much! this is my first release ever, I have been writing and singing for many years but this is the first time I have actually released one of my songs so its super exciting!  “Stranger to you” was written about my late grandfather, who heard the song and not long after passed away. My grandfather was an incredible man and a structuring role model in my life, and I’m so grateful.  I wrote it during covid, he was in in London and I was in Israel, and the distance just felt even greater. This is a song about love through distance, boundless and everlasting.

This mellow pop track is a thorough delight. The warm acoustics and fresh vocals swell with a sweet emotion. It grows inside us, feeding and nourishing the soul with its hearty synths and beats. We see bright hooks looping through the soundscape. There’s joy, love, comradery, friendship, and eternal devotion.

You followed this up by releasing Stranger to You – Acoustic where you use lavish fingering techniques and flourishing acoustics. What was your vision for the acoustic version?

I wanted to create an emotional sound, with a chill vibe. I feel like songs can take people on emotional journeys, each genre can take you to a different place, bring out more colors in our emotional color palette. As an artist I feel that art is complete only after the audience subjectively feels and connects as well.

What are some of the challenges you sought to overcome – musically, with this track? And what do you want your listeners to take away from it?

 I feel like I want listeners to take it to their own place and world, connecting their feelings to the track. I think the world looks better with music, people connect and understand each other and themselves as well. It’s a universal language. So I think that’s what id want, to keep creating music that people can relate to and connect with.

The energizing tempo and dancing rhythm is so addictive and totally loop worthy. With syncopated beats, the artist beautifully bridges the acoustics and synths. And there is a familiarity to the artist’s vocals and story. The soundscape is incredibly bright and welcoming. It’s melodies are a great hosts, sweeping us off our feet any chance they get.

You have a way of harnessing melodies to create a stylized and unique sound pallet. Tell us a little about the artists that influence your sound and music.

Wow, my influences are ongoing and never ending, I love Amy winehouse, Aretha franklin ,Barbra Streisand  Taylor swift, Anderson pack, the black Mariah carry, beyonceeee!! And so many more! I love hearing new stuff.

I’m sure the release of this track is only the beginning! Please tell us about the projects/releases/collaboration you have lined up for the future!

My next song will be out in about a month, spoiler alert! – it’s called “Only you” it’s a beautiful love song that has complex chores and changing styles, just like love is. I will keep you posted about it and I hope you love it (:

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