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Carpe Diem-Pixie Dust
Carpe Diem-Pixie Dust
Carpe Diem-Pixie Dust

Carpe Diem-Pixie Dust | As the angel flies

Heaven has a soundtrack, and Carpe Diem create it. Their music is touched by angels, their soothing compositions create an atmosphere that inspires and drives, emotionally. They bring a crafted perfection with minimal layers, yet exploring narratives that flawlessly bind us to reality and dreams. This is their single, Pixie Dust.

The guitar tone and vocals syncopate on sound, creating a rich but not excessively dense background for the story being told. With minimally invasive percussion, they ensure the groove is felt, but not pressured. The sound floats like the lullaby it has been designed to feel like. It is to take you to that membrane of time and space, where time passes by like slipping sand. The guitars never take attention from the assuasive vocals, they flourish in the limelight with brilliance. Understanding that the rhythm section isn’t overly populated, the song exudes the glow from the composition that has been executed so well.

Carpe Diem has always had a grip on the kind of feeling their songs should have. Their single Your Face, Your Fate brings these emotions and questions, with a rhetoric underline. They are persuasive, but only by choice. Listen to their brilliant singles here and listen to their newest one with us:

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