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Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – The Destination
Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – The Destination

Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – The Destination | Brain Soup

The Destination is the latest alt-rock single from a string releases from Dream of a Man in a Top Hat. The track takes you by surprise right from its rugged guitar opening. The track fails to confine itself into any genres, tipping over the lines of rock, punk, and a bit of Brit-style psychedelic as well. And soon enough you realize that’s just the sound of Dream of a Man in a Top Hat!

Lee Leffler and Michael Frackleton came together to form the band after having already worked together. They were two out of three members of the post-punk band Native Tongue that was all the rage of 80’s Boston. Decades later, the two still share the musical sensibilities that brought them together.

They released their first EP in the summer of 2020, taking the musical corners of the inter-webs for a wild ride with nothing but instrumentals. 2021 is when Dream of a Man in a Top Hat decided to add their unique vocals to their upcoming album at the time. Their music is as groovy as they are, experimenting with a little bit of chaotic and a little psychedelic. Aptly called ‘an unpolished classic,’ I would argue that is what makes their music stand out. 

The Destination is a little melty, a little unsettling, much like journeys are when you’re navigating to your destination without a map. And yet, it reinforces, that the journey is what its really all about.

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