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Amazing – Allegra | lush

When it comes to making a tasteful dance-pop number, the formula runs deeper than it appears at first. one has to keep in mind the mindset of the audience, and the kind of sounds that they may or may not enjoy, among other things such as songwriting and singability (if that is even a word). With “Amazing: by Allegra, I think this formula is revisited and interpreted just right. Keep reading to know why I think so.

The song starts out with a mellow intro with the spacey pads in the background with the phone-like vocals, it sets the stage for a rather pleasant entry into the verse section that sets the mood and the rhythm, building up the energy just right for the pre-chorus where one hears the instruments in the background become more and more present, with the culmination being in a peppy, groovy hook that got my head moving the right way.

The instruments sound well done, easy on the ears, with a good amount of layering going on that always has something of interest for your eardrums to nibble at. The percussion adds a layer of depth to the production as well, with the sound design sounding apt for a track of this genre, overall evoking a sense of glue, a sense of completeness that sounded impressive to me over the course of my listening to this song.

The vocals sound tight with some creative mixing going on in the background, the mix being the playstage for the ears behind this mix– and in my opinion, that is what makes a load of difference to this song– takes it from very good to very, very good indeed. The power delivered is perfect in the places that matter, with enough atmosphere going on in the field to make me forget about the technicalities for a second, and make me just enjoy and listen to the song– the hallmark of a good production.

Overall, I think “Amazing” by Allegra is one of those songs that one day comes on in your shuffle, and creates the kind of impact that would leave you going back to it time and again– a very impressive feat indeed. Check out “Amazing” by Allegra here!

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