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Marcus Sukiennek-Xmas Piano 1
Marcus Sukiennek-Xmas Piano 1
Marcus Sukiennek-Xmas Piano 1

Marcus Sukiennik-Xmas Piano 1 | In the holiday spirit

Your playlist has been missing Christmas instrumentals, and for good reason. As the year wraps up, listen to the enchanting piano work of Marcus Sukiennik. The maestro has his own way of bringing in the Christmas mirth, charm and spirit. This is his latest album, Xmas Piano 1.

A dextrous artist can display their mastery over the art by the way they touch their instrument. Marcus almost glides across the piano for Alle Jahre wieder. A jolly tune with a well choreographed rhythm, it blends instrumental pockets along with the deft work of this pianist. The ivories vibrate with the joy of the holiday, as this translator orchestrates this beautiful piece of music.

The ivory resonates

Heiligeste Nacht increases the complex window through which Marcus Sukiennek. If you learn anything from this master, it is the way he uses the notes between notes to create dense tapestries of notes and rhapsodic sounds. Ihr Kinderlein kommet surfs through complex arpeggios on both hands. Due to the masterful production work, we can actually hear the left and right dance in tandem. The lead is truly bewitching, creating these flourishes and peak artistic work for us to see.

Jingle Bells gets a new interpretation with Marcus Sukiennik’s danceable, joyful rendition. The classic is given a twirl and makeover that everyone would be overwhelmed by. As the essence is held, he still parses pieces of his own ambition within. Kommet, ihr Hirten brings a darker undertone, with some lively sound and soul. It still perpetrates the movement of the holiday, with the waltz that it is. It creatively pushes the heart of the sound that resonates and beats within. Leise rieselt der Schnee uses a Broadway style execution for a ballad style of execution and display. It has its edges and matches corners with jazz as well in some places. You’ll listen to these with a smile and maybe a glass of eggnog.

As we wade in

Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann gives us a new take on the classic tune of Twinkle Twinkle. However, the master operates the pulleys here, ad we hear a much more lively version, almost like a choir performing it. O Jesulein zart is performed with the emotion and complexity of a complete church choir. It has all the notes and tones, coming together in a symphony for the times. It agitates and provides you with the warmth of a warm cup of cocoa and a loved one by your side.

O Tannenbaum is the classic with its fair share of complexity. It really helps bring hoe this Christmas spirit that has been hovering above us for the whole album. To wrap a bow-tie to this fantastic present is what Marcus Sukiennek is doing now. As would be the perfect gift for any album to close the doors, comes Silent Night. Stille Nacht is the gentle lullaby that is sung in every song. You can almost hear carols bring sung outside each doorstep as this plays inside.

This is beyond art, it is what people love and come together for. So when you’re hugging your loved one, know that the love is shared without words. Listen to the brilliant album here:

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