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Fermata Caesura | Empty Promises | Medieval | Chamber Rock
Fermata Caesura | Empty Promises | Medieval | Chamber Rock


The past meets the future! Intense sounds from traditional acoustic string instruments, blended into modern songwriting structures creates an amazing union that transcends all the known concept of genre. Melancholic medieval strings just pull the listener into a whirlpool of emotions. The chorusy voices make this sound like a prophecy sang through the generations!

In music, a caesura denotes a brief, silent pause, during which metrical time is not counted. A fermata may be placed over a caesura to indicate a longer pause. What an iconic name for this band! A long pause in which time has no meaning or power. A void in space-time.

Seeking to capture the vast and open sounds of the wilderness with every note, and combining those brush strokes with the kinetic energy of a modern life! Their approach to every song as a one-act play, gives each song a color and shape all its own. Lisa Mazza Hamilton’s scintillating vocals is layered with Eli August’s more earthy vocals and guitar . With some powerful support in the low end is provided by the upright bass player CodyDavis. Soaring melodies and unearthly voices come from the cello played masterfully by Thillman Benham. This is Fermata Caesura!

‘Empty Promises’ starts off in a typical ballad style with medieval strings that just pull at the strings in your heart. The guitar work is bleeding emotion, but when combined with the angelic vocals, it becomes a concoction of instant sadness. Spiral into the emotional turmoil that you can feel from Fermata Caesura’s latest single.

The track is a crescendo that is almost a build-up for an amazing string solo toward the 3-minute mark that just sends the listener deeper into the melancholic and grey world of Fermata Caesura. A grey medieval world with mystical creatures, wizards and of course dragons flying around.

The track is absolutely brilliant with amazing arrangement that just makes the whole track feel like a story, or rather an experience. Not an easy feat to accomplish, but done so effortlessly. This band has a synergy like no other, layering all their vocals on each other to create a prophetic voice that just permeates all layers of emotional self-defense that the listener has. As the strings tug at your heart, the vocals caress your mind with a warm touch that just leaves in a comfortable sadness. Reminds you of all the ’empty promises’ that you have experienced in life, with whispers in your ears and strings tugging down tears. Fermata Caesura has created a medieval prophetic tear jerking, mind melting single that just makes you want to lie down and spiral into self-discovery.

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