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You Make Me Feel – Colline | Easygoing Pop

With “You Make Me Feel”, Colline reminds us of how and why pop music gets its name– how it is popular and why people really like it. The creative expression an artist has with pop, especially indie forms of it– without the bindings of the industry, is something, that when used well, can lend a listener a delightfully refreshing sound that they are bound to enjoy; because I think we, as humans, are somewhat wired to like music that makes us feel at home.

The listener is introduced to a variety of elements that they are immediately familiar with, right from the start of the song– just interpreted with a sound that stands out as being Colline’s signature sound. From the energetic bassline to the instruments playing a beautiful complementary line or two to drive this song forward, this song makes for a very enjoyable listen right from the get-go.

I will take a minute here to comment on the vocals– these, are what I think really propels this song forward and keeps it there, for the whole duration of the song; her vocals, in conjunction with the ensemble to support, make for unison in sound that comes off as well-produced, with the elements in the song being utilised to their fullest here– something that I am a fan of, admittedly. There is no point in using too many elements and then drowning them by sending them to war with each other, is there? That isn’t the case here; far from it, as I’m pleased to report.

The mix is well-done, with good modulation in dynamics and it shapes the sound of the song around the energy the instruments were conveying throughout the duration of the song, and this is something I picked up on and enjoyed. Overall, I think “You Make Me Feel” by Colline makes for a solid number if you just want to listen to something that sounds good without having to put too much thought into it– for Colline has done the thinking for you, in my opinion.

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