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The Lunar Keys - Maniac
The Lunar Keys - Maniac
The Lunar Keys - Maniac

The Lunar Keys – Maniac

A fantastic portrayal of a madman’s unstable mindset is how one can describe the latest single by The Lunar Keys, Maniac! This track has the anger, aggressiveness, and gutsy vibe of pure rock music alongside a touch of pop coolness that gives it the touch of modern-day musical elements.

Exploring a deranged mind!

The Lunar Keys’ Maniac starts with a cool guitar line over a metronomic hi-hat count, during which the bass and the drums join in, leading us to the start of the verse. The voice boasts extreme clarity, where you hear every word as clearly as you’d expect. As we move on to the chorus, we can listen to the guitar opening up, with the drums backing it with a simple, smooth roll.

The chorus section has exceptional guitar playing that complements the voice with as much aggression as it needs. The second verse is similar to its predecessor, and after the chorus, it leads us to a bridge and an incredibly distorted, cut-through guitar solo which is undoubtedly one of the prime attractions of The Lunar Keys’ Maniac.

The solo starts with a melody that lays the foundation for the madness about to come. Gradually pumping up the vibe, it moves on to a fast-picked lick that acts as a momentary element of surprise before finishing with the concluding riff.

At the end of the guitar solo, we hear the chorus backed by a beautiful acoustic guitar, after which the whole band comes in together. A beautiful and steady vocal harmony can be heard where the band refers to the protagonist, The Maniac, before finishing off with an evil laugh, perhaps similar to that of a madman!

Overall, The Lunar Keys’ Maniac is a song you should try out regardless of your preference between rock and pop because you’ll get the traditional elements of both genres. So, what are you waiting for? Listen to this track here:

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