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Taliya Hafiz - Just Not You
Taliya Hafiz - Just Not You

Taliya Hafiz – Just Not You

Taliya Hafiz puts together an emotional musical experience that articulate and clarify our heartaches with her new single, Just Not You. An immersive acoustic piano showcase opens the song. The artist contains the melodies and vocals in a cocoon of delicate melancholy. Both the sounds of the inky keys and the slivers of soulful vocals fuse to form a monotextural weave. They glow for each other, like twin stars forming a euphonic bond that we get to witness.

The artist uses nostalgia to draw out a deep melancholy that is reminiscent of echoes of an empty heart. We can feel the heartache seep into us as the protagonist longs for a piece of her heart. The melodrama in the vocals take root with every curve in the hypnotic vocals. Every note is laced with despondency and tragedy. With pockets of ruminating silences scattered across the soundscape, the track dilates grief and loss in magical ways.

The track lacks a tempo. Much like grief absolves time of all fluidity, the song is a presence that lingers in the air around us timelessly. It is like the drizzling rain – drenching us without our knowledge.

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