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Pullstring - The Only Thing | Invigorating
Pullstring - The Only Thing | Invigorating

Pullstring – The Only Thing | Invigorating

Pullstring is a Minneapolis-based indie alternative rock band of four artists who have been creating rock magic together for a while now. Their songs are infused with rich instrumentality and meaningful, somber lyrics that are perfect to set you in a dreamy state of mind. 

Their recent release is a song called The Only Thing, which is a fine rock number with a significant retro touch yet has a contemporary, modern appeal. With a classic electric guitar solo that comes at a perfect time in the track, the song gets a fine edge to it and enhances the amazing energy manifolds. You would find yourself to be in awe of the subtle and simple chorus, which at first, might come across as underwhelming but when you listen to it the second time, you realize it makes perfect sense to have the kind of subdued chorus that the song has, simply because the lyrics demand that sort of gentleness and a laid back pace. If things would have been upbeat, the lyrics and the musicality would have not complemented each other so greatly. This only reflects the musical ingenuity of the band, who create worthwhile music, not without precision. 

The song features some great, somber lyrics, and the invigorating electric guitar and subtle beats create a perfect environment for you to fully delve into the magic that this song unfolds. The words are simple, yet impactful, and when combined with amazing, nuanced music, it becomes rather enjoyable.

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