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Daniel Antonio-everything i touch
Daniel Antonio-everything i touch
Daniel Antonio-everything i touch

Daniel Antonio-everything i touch | Crest and wave

There are entrances, then there’s an implosion as an opening. Daniel Antonio chooses the latter, with his musical entrance. His latest single is called everything i touch. With just your first listen, you might get hooked to the different possibilities this artist has brought into the music he makes. This is made with the music he loves.

You’ll regret being a musician when you hear riffs like the opening one for this track. Seeping with metal and hard rock influences, it isn’t surprising that the song brings shockwaves. Hip-hop beats interweave between some cold, crisp guitar parts. Daniel Antonio doesn’t dilly-dally with the vocals, either. What he has to lay down for this song has to have the seething energy of hard rock, and the ability to fluidly thread though some delicious pop parcels of music. He does so with a fever pitch of passion, not dropping the energy at any level. Bringing the chorus part with some fantastic layering, his pipes alter between the darker lyrics and melody migrations.

The guitar parts just show us the reach and melodic influences from this new artist. There is no delay, empty spaces of repetition. By the time you’re done with the song, you realize you’ve time travelled through some insane genres, things you might have never been able to match. Listen to Daniel Antonio do that and more with his single here:

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