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Tally Koren - It’s Who You Are | Enlivening 
Tally Koren - It’s Who You Are | Enlivening 

Tally Koren – It’s Who You Are | Enlivening 

Tally Koren is a London-based Indie singer-songwriter who is traditionally known for her classic indie folk style of music. But in 2022, she is inclining more toward a little contemporary, subdued, and vibrant version of indie-folk and bringing in a lot more creativity to her projects. Her recent release is a fine example of that. The song is called It’s Who You Are and is everything you might need to give your mood a little boost. 

It’s Who You Are is an enlivening, colorful song. The reason I call it colorful is that it is sonically vibrant, a song that is as fresh as a summer evening, or as beautiful and happening as a bouquet of pretty flowers. The sounds will lure you into surrendering yourself to the joy that this song unfolds. With charismatic beats, fine progression, a smooth flow, and enchanting vocals, there is a lot that comes to the surface with this retro yet modern number. 

The track beautifully explores the various facets of being an individual and the complexities of it, all too beautifully represented through sublime soundscapes that merge into some finer realm, where you feel like you have been transposed to yourself. The greatness lies in the way the song deals with various emotions by being as lightweight and gentle as possible. 

The song has a charming vibe and that makes it all the more special and worthwhile. You would love the little playful aura that the song cultivates and how it makes you want to be a little more carefree. 

It is a song that will cheer you up!

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