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Gavan Waldby-Thanks for That
Gavan Waldby-Thanks for That
Gavan Waldby-Thanks for That

Gavan Waldby-Thanks for That (Instrumental Version) | To paradise and beyond

Gavan Waldby is a spirited, gifted songwriter. He draws inspiration from so many sources, yet brings a zing and flavour to each of his songs. As though he would be a translator between the instruments and the listener, he climbs into the conductors’ pulpit this time. This is the instrumental version for his single, Thanks for That.

If you were too engrossed in the poetry and joyous nature of the lyrics for the original track, Gavan helps turn your head to the impressive instrumental aspect of this song. The charming, soothing chord progression is like a single tidal wave, fluidic and full of respite. The motion is that of the transitions, which comes to attention. The saxophone takes over for the lead, creating a waltz of notes that the listeners can get engrossed in. It is calming and enchanting, each string movement in the background in sweet interplay between the sax. It is the pulsating, well crafted nature of this song that reverberates even after it has finished, leaving an aura of good vibrations in its wake.

You might have heard of Gavan Waldby from his famous song, The Chase. Having decades of musical experience, it is not difficult to note that he can create some pretty sweet compositions with the way he goes about the scales. His singles are memorable, straight and clean. There is no digital sorcery, just a man with his few sheets of musical magic.

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