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Phantom Isle – 2001 | Deep Trip

Phantom Isle is a 3 piece band consisting of Peter Marchant who is the singer and guitarist, Joshua Guy who plays the keyboard, and Sam Thorne who is the drummer. Phantom Isle was founded by Matt Marchant who passed away in 2019 due to cancer. The band is keeping up his vision and moving towards creating an innovative sound that is unique. Their tracks are influenced by 90s Acid House, Indie Rock and Industrial. The way this band intertwines such deep genres relentlessly is what made me their fan instantly. This is surely a band who’s discography will leave you spellbound.

The band recently released an EP in the month of may this year which is named Out Of Blue in which there was this particular track that caught my special attention. The track is named ‘2001’ which is a feast for music lovers who love to enjoy the groove. This is surely a track that is packed with some intense melodies and vocals that will leave you spellbound. The way these artists have carried this track with such beauty is impressive. The guitars are ecstatic and blended into the whole music with extreme perfection. The vocals and the drums go perfectly in sync which is beautifully complimented by the guitars. This is surely a track that has to be heard. The band surely has a unique and addictive aura. This is a highly recommended track for anyone who enjoys deep music fused with psychedelic elements. Do give this track a go and you will not regret it!

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