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Moorby Jones - Light Is A Story
Moorby Jones - Light Is A Story

Moorby Jones – Light Is A Story

What is light? Where has it been and what has it seen? Moorby Jones renders a beautiful musical discourse on it with their new single, Light Is A Story. The country-rock track carries into you like bird song. Its warm nostalgia is palpable, glowing through molten guitar melodies with soulful country accents.

With Steve Moorby on the lead-guitar, keyboards and mandolins, Dick Jones on the bass guitar and bouzoki, and Steve’s daughter, Gemma on the drums, keyboard and vocals, Moorby Jones was formed. They represent a potent example of continuity, creativity, and innovation, as the three singer-songwriters combine their distinctive contemporary styles to create a magnificent sound.

The soft-rock expression of country emotion is utterly mesmerizing to witness. And the guitar melodies are vastly expressive with an expansive power. Longing guitar flows cause a lovely coalition of old-school melancholy and new-age nostalgia that launches us into dreamy headspaces.

Everything from the passionate baritones of Moorby senior to the evocative lyrics, to masterful guitar melodies, to soothing harmonies of Moorby junior, vocal placements and the composition, are perfectly arranged and delivered seamlessly.

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