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Luna Waves – Bruised Gold |Rock and Dreamy
Luna Waves – Bruised Gold |Rock and Dreamy

Luna Waves – Bruised Gold |Rock and Dreamy 

Luna Waves is an amazing solo project of Rob Muir. Rob is an ardent singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Bedford, U.K. His music can be described as a blend of dark, dreamy, atmospheric sounds making unique rock/dream pop music. Rob was always into music and while growing up listening to 90s rockstars like Nirvana, Peral Jam, and Soundgarden, he found his true passion. His influences also include The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, and many more. 

Luna Waves debuted with an album called “Seafoam Dream” in 2018 and have released several albums and singles since then. He is back with yet another dreamy rock album called “Bruised Gold”. The album has 12 songs and has a run time of about 54 minutes. Let’s talk about some of the songs from the album in detail. 

The first in the album is “Talisman” which is a guitar-driven pop song. The song starts with a guitar riff and a drum beat that sounds vintage. The guitar riff sounds so heavily inspired by Hendrix followed by a very groovy drum beat. Soon the vocals kick in with a lot of power and energy. The melody is beautiful and follows the guitar riff. The key changes in the chorus, leading the song to the dreamy section of the song. The chorus enters with pads and vocal harmonies and choir parts making the song very catchy and beautiful. An instrumental part kicks in after the second chorus featuring a guitar solo and complex drum beat and bongos. The song ends in a calmy manner with atmospheric sounds on the pads. “Talisman” is a great fusion of different genres of music that keeps you hooked throughout. 

Another masterpiece from the album is “Out of Phase”. The song starts with a synth pad and finger-picking guitar riff. The drums kick in sounding so vague and in distance. Soon the hook of the song on vocal kicks in with an airy feel in the voice. A sick guitar part comes in with a hard rhythm part followed by an amazing bass line and drums. The real vocals come after a long intro but are worth listening to because of its true rock/ dreamy touch. The chorus comes in with a lot of power and the bridge acts like magic with its Hendrix feels. “Out of Phase” is energetic and dreamy at the same time. 

Luna Waves has created this masterpiece with such passion and talent. “Bruised Gold” is an amazing album that has all the elements that a modern rock/pop fan needs. It’s highly recommended to listen to the album. 

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